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Crowfall: A New Exciting Take on Sandbox MMOs.

Crowfall is a New Take on the Tired MMO Formula Two months ago I did something I never have before; I backed a video game on Kickstarter. I had viewed hundreds of Kickstarters before, many even had me hovering my mouse over “Back This Project”, but I never pulled the trigger. So what was this…

Beat Bloodborne in Style – Shadow of Yharnam

If the Shadow of Yharnam are giving you trouble, you’ve come to the right place! While this battle can seem daunting at first (3v1 and they do HOW much damage every hit??) it is actually quite simple if you follow the tutorial below. There is a general strategy of getting them all to half, but here we take a more aggressive and much more effective approach.

Winning WoW: Tips and Tricks to Top the Charts

Nothing saddens me more than when I team with a random heroic group in World of Warcraft, and my discipline priest churns out more damage with ‘smite’ than the retribution paladin in the front lines. Sure, I could be the best priest you’ve ever partied with, or maybe that paladin is having a tough time…

A Word on WoW Tokens

Most recently, World of Warcraft, the crown jewel of Blizzard Entertainment’s PC game portfolio, has begun to adopt a new model where players can exchange real money for game time tokens that can then, in turn, be sold on the auction house for a server calculated price. How will this affect the game? Where do you stand?

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Beat Bloodborne in Style – Vicar Amelia Guide

Amelia can be quite a doozey with her high damage explosions and her obnoxious healing skills that can prolong this fight indefinitely. If you’re having trouble, take a gander at our new tutorial on how to take her down, complete with attack breakdowns, items to use, and general strategy.