We got a PS4!


We finally got our hands on a beautiful baby PS4; join our pirate crew on Twitch.tv as we take to the seas (and brothels) in Assassins Creed IV, and then give some opinions on the game and console!


After playing for about eight hours straight, I can verify that this game has a lot going for it. The sailing and looting is absolutely captivating, and I often forget that there is even a main story line. Between wrestling with the monster storms of the sea, throwing a painful amount of harpoons into sharks, and boarding poor trade sloops to steal their rum, its easy to lose track of time.

The sounds and landscapes of the game are incredibly well done, and the sea shanties that your crew sings are so authentic and badass that it gives me goosebumps… It almost doesn’t feel like Assassins Creed. Sure, you have wrist blades and you sneak around and free climb, but truly this is the best Pirate simulator that has graced the earth. Don’t get me wrong, the land fighting and assassin bits are as good as ever, and more fluid than ever, but the sea takes the cake in this game.

I digress, as I will do a review for the game at a later date… But what about the PS4?

The S stands for Speed

After a day with the PS4, the thing that stands out to me most is the shear speed of everything. You can zoom between game and dashboard instantly, download speeds and installs are ten times faster than the PS3, and the UI is fast and easy to manage. I enjoy the more simplistic and well organized feel to the UI that Sony has chosen this time around – theres enough Sony flair for the Windows 8 inspiration to not be too obvious.

The PSN is infinitely better than that of the PS3, and it took me only seconds to upgrade to Playstation Plus (a nice 30 day free trial) and do download Resogun (more on that later!).

The Share button is amazing, but has one super flaw; you can only upload to Facebook. If you’re like me, 99% of your friends don’t want to get all your uploaded videos of you getting the trophy for playing a 60 minute game of 17th century backgammon. It is mind blowing to me that you can’t upload directly to YouTube, or at least save it to your PS4 memory and export it to a flashdrive… Facebook is the last website I think of when someone says “video game lets plays and awesome recordings!”. Hopefully this is fixed, but until I can figure out how to get the videos into YouTube without a capture card, we will be lacking for PS4 footage.

I am just scratching the surface of the PS4, but so far it has been a blast. While the launch lineup is undeniably weak (so sad about Knack), its also undeniable that Sony will be pumping out amazing titles in the future if the PS3 is any indication. With Assassins Creed IV, PS Plus freebies, and whatever two games I pickup before that 2 for 1 deal expires at Target, I will definitely be held off until more reinforcements arrive.


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