Resogun Impressions

Save the Last Humans


If you’ve ever driven a taxi through the red-light district of Tokyo while tripping on acid and jacked up on betel nuts, you’ve almost played Resogun. Add a massive Yakuza gang shooting at you, and you HAVE played Resogun. It starts off fast, then quickly works its way up to Ludicrous Speed; imagine trying to destroy The Empires entire fleet while in warp drive.

As far as story goes, you are required to “SAVE THE LAST HUMANS”, as a feminine yet robotic voice reminds you at the start of each level. Clearly the world is ending, and its up to you to save the few remaining citizens. I’d like to think that your pilot’s name is Horatio Jones, and that the end of the world was brought about by self aware Tamagochi’s, furious about their abandonment in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

This game is interesting. It starts as a casual foray into a free PS+ game, but quickly snowballs into something much more sinister. The first time I played it, I was impressed by the flashing visuals, and while the arcade feel was fun I knew this would be a game that I would use simply to break up my Assassins Creed Pirates sessions.

But wait… 470, 000? That wasn’t a very good score… Maybe I should just try again. Hmm 740, 000… getting better. Why do these damn humans keep dying?… Oh ok I have to shoot the green enemies to free the humans… 990, 000! So close! … No! Human! Don’t leave before the green things come, you can’t just go Rambo on me!… Wait.. is that a boss? Oh god! Its shooting so many little bullets! Duck! Dodge! Dive! So many LIGHTS! Boost! Bomb! Overdrive! COME ON! ONE MO – What?! What did I even hit! Thats such B*llsh*t I’m done with this game. *Hits Restart*.

Resogun is a lot like horse races. You bet on one thinking it’ll be a fun one time thing, but the more you play and then try to peel yourself away, the harder and harder it gets to say no. Eventually you gamble your kids college tuition, and for years after they blame you for their “drug addictions” and “lack of higher education” and never talk to you. What I’m trying to say is that Resogun is really addicting.

If you’re a fan of arcade shooters like Super Stardust or Geometry Wars, for the price of FREE, Resogun is your game. If you’re looking for a game you can use as a cooldown between your AAA titles, this is also that game – but be warned, you may try to Save the Last Humans until the wee hours of the morning.

As for me, I would write more, but Horatio Jones and I have some evil Tamagotchi’s to destroy.


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