Netflix Wins Best April Prank With “Rotisserie Chicken”

The Winner

With some tough competition this year, it was hard to decide which company had ultimately nailed the best April Fools day prank… Until we saw the Netflix original movie “Rotisserie Chicken.”

Netflix summarizes it as a movie “In the tradition of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” witness a searing, chronology-defying return to one’s origins that stokes the imagination.”

And in true Benjamin Button fashion, this nearly ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTE video slowly takes us through the amazing journey of a roasting chicken… backwards. Starting as a deliciously roasted chicken, Netflix’s latest tells the harrowing tale of poultry returning to its pink, floppy origins. What starts out as a lighthearted tale of discovery ultimately ends with an emotional flourish; one that is sure to stir controversy and discussion for weeks to come.


Honorable Mentions

While Netflix definitely took the cake, there were several pranks that tickled our funny bones.

World of Warcraft’s Draenei remodeling was darn funny.

We also tipped our hats to the defunct Phil Fish for his funny yet somewhat bitter sounding tweet.

Oh Phil...

Oh Phil…

The Awkward…

Unfortunately some pranks were a bit sassier than others, namely EA’s targeted cracks at Nintendo and its WiiU console.
FrostbiteTw01This tweet and a few others like it by EA have since been deleted, and EA is covering its corporate butt by dismissing the tweets as “unacceptable.” I wouldn’t want to be the social media intern behind this, but they probably should have been a bit more graceful.

Overall, I think we can agree that April Fools is ridiculous and annoying. No good comes of it, and its the only day where one person can do sadistic things and its socially acceptable. That being said, video game and internet giants make the day quite a bit better with their antics, and its universally appreciated…

Though I must say I am disappointed that Bungie isn’t actually offering trips to Mars…



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