PixxelPress Plays Dark Souls 2

Join us as three of us join up and try to take down Dark Souls 2!


Episode the First – The First Giant to The Dragonrider


The Squire –

Albaen Tirus is brand new to the world of Dark Souls. Inexperienced on every front, he was found by Dark Wizard Extraordinaire Sindar Malice, and deemed worthy to carry his extra loot. Surprisingly enough to the party, the Squire has since learned how to hit like a freaking truck on fire, burning down the highway at ninety miles-per-hour. Despite this, he still makes silly squire mistakes all the time; killing his friends with ballistae during boss fights, getting stabbed off an arena in the first few seconds of battle, getting lost frequently… need I go on.

The Heretic –

Jorgen von Murd is relatively experienced in the world of Dark Souls, after his cousin managed to become the new Lord of Cinders and link the fire in the distant land of Lordran. Now, after being kicked out of his priesthood for excessive violence and excitement towards copious amounts of body slaying, Jorgen von Murd has joined the unlikely trio hoping to explore the world and slay many bodies along the way.

The Dark Wizard Extraordinaire –

Sindar Malice is the most experienced of the trio, and has forayed into Dark Souls countless times. His much more attractive and successful brother, Artos, has already claimed the land for himself three times in Dark Souls 2… this makes him very mad. After being expelled from the Dark School for the Magically Inclined for his fear of skeletons getting his fellow students killed (it was a set up, don’t believe their lies), Sindar wandered aimlessly and angrily looking for a way to prove his former school wrong. He found the Squire and the Heretic, and now he works to use them as step stools to exact his revenge.


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