Amazing ‘Shadow of Mordor’ Pictures Courtesy of the New Photomode

Click! Shadow of Mordor gets Photomode – Here are some amazing shots.

Earlier this week developer Monolith released a patch for Shadow of Mordor that allows you to pause the action and fiddle with an impressive amount of picture options, filters, zooms, frames, and more. Knowing how successful this has been in games like GTA V, we decided to hop in and give it a try. After adjusting settings and studying up on advance photograph techniques, we think we have a pretty good start to our Shadow of Mordor photographic careers. Take a look:

Shadow of Mordor SoM brand drain

You are mine!




graug hunting quest Shadow of Mordor photomode

The last thing you see.




execution shadow of mordor orc uruk warchief





Uruk captain warchief ranged evil SoM

Senior Portrait




brand uruk preview photomode talion

Praise the lawd!




ledge kill stealth shadow of mordor dagger

Look out below!




prisoners white rider flame fire shadow of mordor

Hope kindled.




graug badass fantasy

Stand your ground.




graug kill weakness dominate

… The harder they fall.




Meat club.

Meat club.




gruag branding riding skill help

Dominating the indomitable.




dire caragor hunt

The hunt.




execution kill uruk talion

Pop goes the weasel.




Glorious Urfael

Glorious Urfael




Celebrimbor arrow bow shoot aim





double counter help shadow of mordor

Back to back.


We think we stand a pretty good chance at the International Photography Awards. Let us know how you liked them in the comments, and if you have your own awesome pictures tweet em over @pixxelpress!


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