Beat Bloodborne in Style – Vicar Amelia Guide

Amelia can be quite a doozey with her high damage explosions and her obnoxious healing skills that can prolong this fight indefinitely. If you’re having trouble, take a gander at our new tutorial on how to take her down, complete with attack breakdowns, items to use, and general strategy.

Oh… And if you’re out of Numbing Mist and stressing that you’ll never beat her healing butt, have no fear; we did it without mist just for you!

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3 thoughts on “Beat Bloodborne in Style – Vicar Amelia Guide

  1. Great video. This was the first boss I had a bit of a struggle with. The patterns are simple enough to learn, but the fast healing really messed me up. I also had to do this without numbing mist because I’d used it all up and then died before finishing her. I’m not very ballsy either, instead preferring to evade – still got that Dark Souls caution; Something about standing close to a giant wolf throwing a tantrum makes me nervous. lol.

    • Yea I was honestly in the same boat. I had assumed that numbing mist would be available in the Hunter’s Dream market so I threw it willy nilly in my third or fourth attempt after learning what it did… oops. Getting close to these bosses goes against everything I’ve learned, completely agree… this fight was especially difficult because if you don’t stay right on her… poof! she heals a TON.

      • The first couple of attempts I’d probably dealt enough damage to drop her if it wasn’t for that healing. In the end I got through by quickly charging her and attacking each time. I didn’t think to use oil pots. I’ll try that next time I have to face her with no numbing mist. It doesn’t look like there is a simple way to get more numbing mist at that point.

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