Winning WoW: Tips and Tricks to Top the Charts

Nothing saddens me more than when I team with a random heroic group in World of Warcraft, and my discipline priest churns out more damage with ‘smite’ than the retribution paladin in the front lines. Sure, I could be the best priest you’ve ever partied with, or maybe that paladin is having a tough time playing his class (and no, I don’t mean emotionally — although we could give them a friendly hug and hope they do better damage).

Can you blame these players? Blizzard introduced instant level 90 boosts at the dawn of Warlords of Draenor, giving veteran players, and newbies alike, an e-z pass to skip straight to the newest content. When you boost a character you must complete a mini tutorial of sorts, to familiarize yourself with 90 levels of new skills. This can be overwhelming for most; now imagine how it must feel for someone playing WoW for the first time.

Below are some genuine tips and strategies that I have used over the years to help give me an edge in the battlefield and top the charts. I’ve included my favorite addons, web resources, and general advice to better prepare players that feel as though they could be doing better.

Web Resources

Icy Veins

Talents can be overwhelming, sure; Icy Veins will go over every talent for your class and specialization, helping you choose which environment it thrives in. If you’re a raider, and you want optimal damage, you’ll always be swapping out talents to accommodate for multi-target or single target fights. It’ll even recommend which glyphs are preferred, and give you a listing of all the top items for your class, in order, by item level and location.

It’ll even walk you through optimal rotations for your spec. Rotations are, essentially, what you do in a fight. Every fight might call for a different assortment of abilities at different times. If you can master your classes’ rotation for different encounters, you’ll stand a score above the competition.

Notable Mentions:

Ask Mr. Robot

Ask Mr. Robot, is by far, one of the most useful sites I visit in regards to helping gear your character. End-game World of Warcraft is all about your item level and the stats that come with it. Sometimes, it might be difficult to decide which gear is best for your character, and how you should be progressing. Ask Mr. Robot comes to the rescue, offering easy to read listings of which bosses you specifically ought to be downing.

AMR comes with both a premium and free version that can suit different audiences based on their needs. Give it a quick look at to see if it can help provide more insight into your stats.



Although learning your rotation manually is most optimal, at times players may find it easier to have a little guiding hand. SpellFlash is an addon suite, available for free on Curse, that highlight which abilities to use on your action bar in real-time. If you’re truly struggling with DPS and can’t wrap your head around some complex multi-target fights, it can definitely put you in a better place than absentmindedly using Arcane Shot over and over.

HealBot Decursive

This duo has helped me get healing compliments over the years in raids and PVP matches alike, thanks to their simplification and effectiveness

With HealBot, your raid frames become clickable. Need to flash heal the tank? Left click on their target window. Now you need to bubble them, apply prayer of mending, followed by a penance? Right click, then middle click, followed by a shift click. HealBot streamlines the healing process by making these shortcuts easy to customize, and quick to implement in practice. You can monitor everyone’s health with ease and deliver heals with ease.

Decursive is similar, in that it allows one click healing solutions, although it works only for dispelling debuffs. Your raid and party members are displayed in a grid-like fashion, and when they are delivered a magic impairment, the addon alerts you with a color to match the affliction. In the early levels players seldom dispel magic impairments, so this will help you get noticed right away.

User Interface


When you’re watching top-end raiders on YouTube, you might notice that their status bars and raid frames don’t resemble your own. They might be using Bartender2 to customize how their action bars are displayed on screen, and a slew of other addons to help make information more accessible.

LUI is probably the easiest, most noob-friendly custom UI that exists, and its beauty is only matched by its utility. It comes packed with custom artwork, editable bars, and raid staples such as Recount and Omen. Throw in DeadlyBossMods and you’ll be ready for raiding in no time.


If you utilize all of these resources to their fullest, there is no reason why you can’t be one of the best healers or damage dealers in your party. So stand above the rest, and rejoice in knowing that you’re a vital component in helping your team progress.


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