Beat Bloodborne in Style – Shadow of Yharnam

Shadow of Yharnam Tutorial

If the Shadow of Yharnam are giving you trouble, you’ve come to the right place! While this battle can seem daunting at first (3v1 and they do HOW much damage every hit??) it is actually quite simple if you follow the tutorial below. There is a general strategy of getting them all to half, but here we take a more aggressive and much more effective approach.

The key to this strategy is the order in which you kill them. First is mister Katana-Only guy. His attacks have a long charge-up time, so before his flurries simply shoot and stagger him, then visceral attack his sorry bum. The other two will be casting lots of spells, but as long as you make visceral attacks over and over again on Katana-Only until he is dead, you will hardly notice your health depleting.

Secondly is to get the pure fire caster just below half. Circle around the large tomb in the middle/right of the arena, and try to trap him either on the cliff face or against the tomb, then wail on him. Once he is weak, switch targets to the candle holder. A quick combo that uses all your stamina should deplete him to half, and keep him flinch locked.

Finally, hit the caster down to zero, then quickly turn to the last remaining Shadow and pummel him as he kneels down. He is summoning a giant serpent knot, so hit him a bunch then dodge roll when you hear the growl. The snakes will dissipate after one combo, so as soon as you take damage or dodge it, quickly refocus and finish off the last few hits before he summons more.

Watch the video below for full instructions and demonstration;


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