Pixxel Plays – The Witcher 3, Episode 1

Well, after hearing all the awesome reviews I succumbed to peer pressure and got myself The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! So far so awesome… Though I am dying a ton… This episode my hunt for my ex-girlfriend gets me killed several, several times.

Thanks for watching, and keep an eye out for the next installations!


5 thoughts on “Pixxel Plays – The Witcher 3, Episode 1

  1. Ah young padawan, welcome to the world of the witcher (our review is coming in a day) yes, this is not a hack and slasher, nor assassins creed like platformer.
    it is something to get into… but the moment you got into it.
    So awesome indeed!

  2. How fare ye adventures in the witcher!
    Level 21 so far and still loving it. been pumping 4 hours per session per day in this game. Starting to really get acquainted with the controls and fighting the different monsters. Love to hear your experience with the game so far.

    • Sorry for the delay, just started a new job so I am getting situated!! I have just entered Vizima… Level 5 I believe; so not far at all!! Really really enjoying it though, the depth of the world is unbelievable.

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