Ten Tips to Dominate in Rocket League


Rocket League Tips

Whether or not you’re playing Rocket League for the giggles or trying to play competitively, these ten tips will aid you on your quest for success!

Don’t Take It Seriously

Here’s the thing about Rocket League; its a game where you play as tiny customizable cars with ridiculous hats on that blow each other up and struggle to hit a giant ball into a goal. If you’re getting mad or frustrated, take a deep breath and realize that your first and foremost goal should be to have fun; even in ranked games. Staying calm will make it much easier to implement these next steps. Boo! Thats so cliche! Fine, fine, but it really is important.

No “Dogging”™

In the immortal words of Mahatma Gandhi, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Maybe that was Gretzky. Anyway…

“Dogging” is the strategy of chasing the ball left and right, back and forth, and all over the pitch in a mad hope to make contact with the ball. It zooms over your head so you chase it to the red side, then it zooms over your head and you chase it to the blue side, etc, etc. Employing this strategy might let you make contact once or twice, but you will never be getting consistent goals or setting up decisive plays. Instead of going to where the ball is, go to where the ball is going to be. This is crucial for defense and rebounding as well.

Right to Left – The Ultimate Goalie Strat

So often I see a player sitting in the dead center of the goal, waiting eagerly for the ball to fly towards their net. Once it does however, the player remembers that they are a car and the ball scoots easily past them as they maneuver their vehicles like Austin Powers in a golf cart.

rocket league best tips

We’ve all seen this.

The key to stopping the ball is to approach from a right to left (or left to right) mindset. If the ball is being contested or being shot from the left side of your goal, set yourself up in the far right side of the net, and come left to block it. Reverse this if they are coming from the right side. This allows you full and immediate coverage of your net, and also allows you to gain speed and boost the ball clear of your half; often times setting up great counter attacks. You can see a great example of this in the epic save at the start of the above video. Don’t be Austin Powers.

Know Your Role

The clock counts down from three. The whistle blows and red and blue clamor to get the first touch on the ball. Red hits it first and it lists lazily over the head of blue, who watch in dismay as it trickles into their net; no one was defending.

But you said Rocket League doesn’t have roles! Yea, yea, I know what I said – and it doesn’t. But to be successful you need to assign yourself a role; and this role changes based on where you spawn during the countdown. Everyone boosts at the same speed, so if you spawn further away from the ball than a teammate, it is your destiny to defend the kick off. Drop back, and employ the right to left method to make sure your team doesn’t give up an easy goal. I have seen floaters like that decide a game; don’t let a floater destroy your game. I might as well keep with the Austin Powers theme;

rocket league best korea

You’d be watching the ball like…


Boost Pads

Boost pads win and lose games. Seriously. Boosting is used in everything from getting extra OOMF on your kicks, to rushing back on a perilous defense, to blowing your enemies up. Now I’m not talking about those dinky ones on the ground, I’m talking about the beautiful golden orbs of boost nectar that fill your boost to FULL when you absorb them. These orbs are arranged on every pitch like the pockets on a pool table; one in each corner and two opposite each other in the middle of the field. Keep an eye on these at all times, and try to keep track of when each one will respawn. A valid strategy that I use often is going straight for the corner boosts on kickoff if I’m not the only one going for the ball; this allows me to jet past their defense and surprise them as they won’t be expecting someone to have that much boost. Boosting is so important, in fact, that you should always seriously consider picking up a nearby booster or stopping an opponent from filling theirs rather than going for the ball itself; your teammates can handle the ball, but they can’t handle a juiced up roid-car going 3000 miles per hour and scoring on you.

Unlock and Load

In many situations the ball-lock camera can be detrimental. If you are rushing back to defend and watching the ball over your shoulder, it becomes very easy to fudge your controls or to slam into inside of your goal. Targeting is also terrible in the situation of jump balls, when they are falling straight down from a high height. Locked on, you end up staring at the underside of your car. If you unlock, you can actually use the white outline of the ball on the field to judge its height; the smaller the circle, the higher the altitude, so jump as the inner circle gets bigger! Unlocking is also crucial to picking up those lovely, lovely orbs. Sure you can try to guestimate their positions cause you want to look fancy, but honestly its much quicker to shut it off briefly, get your barings, then relock.

Switch targeting off, and use the force.

rocket league highlights

You don’t need that peasant crap.

Dribble, Damn It!

I know you’re excited to touch the ball, but when it’s finally your turn you do not have to smash it from the mid line! If you take the extra moment to get that one touch on and to control the ball, you will have surprised opponents boosting past you and goalies scratching their heads. Dribbling is also crucial on defense; instead of boosting the ball towards your own goal, park yourself in front of its trajectory and wait calmly to handle it. If you are facing an active goalie (usually in ranked), misdirecting the ball with one last touch beats even the most alert goalies.

Double Jump (and the Beautiful Double Touch)

Ok. We all know that double tapping X makes you hit the ball harder, but what if you were to delay your double jump? I know, I know, but stay with me here. By getting creative with the timing of your second tap, you can jump higher to save balls and also change the altitude of your shot. After playing around with this for a while in freeplay, you can also master the double-touch, which is a near surefire way to beat a goalie. This is delaying your double jump after the initial shot, re-aiming, then jumping again and redirecting the ball. Its complicated, but a fabulous example of this skill can be found at the 2 minute mark in the above video. Notice how the goalie was drooling in awe as he did it? (That was me…) Also! Take note of how his teammate dribbled. Seeing a pattern?

Wall Ride

One of the most under utilized skills in Rocket League is the wall ride. It adds an entirely new dimension to the game that very few even consider. The vehicles in Rocket League are naturally grippy when it comes to walls. By going at any modest speed you will stick indefinitely to the walls through friction and suspension of disbelief. The most practical use of this skill is aerial passes. Why jostle for position in the angry mob waiting for the ball to come off the wall when you can boost up and hit it to your teammates? Another application is getting from one side of the pitch to the other quickly; especially on a crucial defense. You won’t be interrupted, and you won’t be callously blown up by the baddies. Better yet, you will come out facing the right direction and can make some amazing highlight reel saves descending the wall. A great example of a nice controlled wall ride is found at 1:23 in the video.


Goals don’t get goals, rebounds get goals. Well… Rebounds are really important. Most of the times the goalie will be able to deflect the initial shot, or the shot will naturally go wide of the goal; but the goal will then be open to a perfectly executed rebound! The best strategy for scoring and rebounds is to wait as far back as the mid line, to be sure your boost is pretty full, and to wait for your team to center the ball toward their goal. Even if the other team clears it, you are now easily able to switch to defense. Its a win win! This goes hand in hand with not “dogging” it, and reading where the ball will be. Most of my goals come from corner jostles that end in a centered ball. All I need to do is boost in and clean up.

I hope these tips help, and I’ll see you out on the pitch! If you want to submit your own clips to our highlight reel, or to play with me, drop a comment below!


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