Meet the team!



Residential Sony fanboy and beaming new PC gaming rig owner. Once went in to the Siberian outback for seven days with nothing but orange juice; returned naked, riding a polar bear. Dated a Swedish beach volley ball player, but broke up with her after deciding she was holding him back from his dream of joining the Russian Ballet. After touring with the Imperial Russian Ballet for a few years, Bolton retired and decided to create the ultimate gaming blog; Pixxel Press.

– Sony
– Lucid Dreaming
– Skyrim
– Skyrim Nude Mods
– Science

– Plagues
– World Hunger
– American Ballet

Jon Mayer

Jon Profile Pic

Jon is a semi-professional water-skier, and has conquered aqueous terrains from the Dead Sea to the Amazon River. He considers himself a connoisseur of oil-drum aged Canadian whiskeys, and in his free time, he plays bass in the T-Rex cover band, Gigantosaur. Jon also likes video games.

Pros: Well-groomed, good to have on your side in a junkyard go-cart fight.

Cons: Fond of elevator-hair metal, once ate fourteen Doritos Locos Tacos in a single sitting.



Descendant of both Pocahontas and Sacajawea, Sequoya is our residential diversity connection. Native american through and through, Sequoya speaks both Eagle and Tree Spirit. After connecting with her spirit animal, the fearless River Salmon, she communed with the souls of the wind and sang color into the world. After being kidnapped by Adekagagwaa, deity of Summer, she eventually succumbed to Stockholm’s Syndrome and to this day summer is her favorite season.

Interesting Facts:

– Has a hard time pronouncing “Meteorological”.
– Just bought a PS Vita.
– Won second place at a semi-pro watermelon eating championship in Nebraska during the Great Depression.



Born and raised in the wilds of a forgotten town in New Hampshire, Bobby is a self-proclaimed Pokémon master. After defeating Red on Mt. Silver, crushing his Lv. 81 Pikachu with a strength only rivaled by Aquaman’s insignificance, Bobby spent many years composing his greatest lyrical piece: the ballad of the wind fish. After successfully prosecuting Link for unlawful duplication of his works, Bobby proceeded to engage in a variety of menial interests: hosting websites, maintaining World of Wacraft emulation servers, administrating web forums, and maintaining his own Shoutcast server. Today, Bobby hopes to tackle his greatest challenge yet: the acquisition of his bachelor’s degree in English Writing. With it, he hopes to captivate the world with outlandish yarns, and bring great political reform to Azeroth and Hoenn alike.


  • Thinks fezzes are cool.
  • Enjoys a rousing match of table tennis.
  • Can sing the entire original Pokemon theme song.


  • Can’t do backflips.
  • Can’t teleport on demand (only randomly at this point).
  • Has never operated a locomotive.

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