rocket league ps4 best plays and tips

Ten Tips to Dominate in Rocket League

Rocket League Tips Whether or not you’re playing Rocket League for the giggles or trying to play competitively, these ten tips will aid you on your quest for success! Don’t Take It Seriously Here’s the thing about Rocket League; its a game where you play as tiny customizable cars with ridiculous hats on that blow…

The Last Guardian Is Doomed.

A black screen. Shafts of light beam from some unknown light source. Silence… Suddenly and softly, a single feather descends down the screen. The crowd begins to murmur in disbelief. Down and down we watch it go until it finishes its fall on a feathered wing. The crowd loses their minds. I lose my mind.

Witcher 3 playthrough, let's play witcher 3 wild hunt

Pixxel Plays – The Witcher 3, Episode 1

Well, after hearing all the awesome reviews I succumbed to peer pressure and got myself The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! So far so awesome… Though I am dying a ton… This episode my hunt for my ex-girlfriend gets me killed several, several times. Thanks for watching, and keep an eye out for the next installations!

Rust Is Back and Its Better than Ever

It was a glorious sight; a fury of man butts and bullets ripping across the screen, our unarmored bodies being torn to shreds by a hail of bullets. It seemed an impossible task; seven of us were dead in as many seconds, but that’s when we heard it… click click click.

crowfall preview

Crowfall: A New Exciting Take on Sandbox MMOs.

Crowfall is a New Take on the Tired MMO Formula Two months ago I did something I never have before; I backed a video game on Kickstarter. I had viewed hundreds of Kickstarters before, many even had me hovering my mouse over “Back This Project”, but I never pulled the trigger. So what was this…

Beat Bloodborne in Style – Shadow of Yharnam

If the Shadow of Yharnam are giving you trouble, you’ve come to the right place! While this battle can seem daunting at first (3v1 and they do HOW much damage every hit??) it is actually quite simple if you follow the tutorial below. There is a general strategy of getting them all to half, but here we take a more aggressive and much more effective approach.