Witcher 3 playthrough, let's play witcher 3 wild hunt

Pixxel Plays – The Witcher 3, Episode 1

Well, after hearing all the awesome reviews I succumbed to peer pressure and got myself The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! So far so awesome… Though I am dying a ton… This episode my hunt for my ex-girlfriend gets me killed several, several times. Thanks for watching, and keep an eye out for the next installations!

PixxelPress Plays Dark Souls 2

Join us as three of us join up and try to take down Dark Souls 2! Episodes: Episode the First – The First Giant to The Dragonrider Characters: The Squire – Albaen Tirus is brand new to the world of Dark Souls. Inexperienced on every front, he was found by Dark Wizard Extraordinaire Sindar Malice,…