The Last Guardian Is Doomed.

A black screen. Shafts of light beam from some unknown light source. Silence… Suddenly and softly, a single feather descends down the screen. The crowd begins to murmur in disbelief. Down and down we watch it go until it finishes its fall on a feathered wing. The crowd loses their minds. I lose my mind.


Rust Is Back and Its Better than Ever

It was a glorious sight; a fury of man butts and bullets ripping across the screen, our unarmored bodies being torn to shreds by a hail of bullets. It seemed an impossible task; seven of us were dead in as many seconds, but that’s when we heard it… click click click.

crowfall preview

Crowfall: A New Exciting Take on Sandbox MMOs.

Crowfall is a New Take on the Tired MMO Formula Two months ago I did something I never have before; I backed a video game on Kickstarter. I had viewed hundreds of Kickstarters before, many even had me hovering my mouse over “Back This Project”, but I never pulled the trigger. So what was this…

H1Z1 First Impressions – Siege of Cranberry

I’m walking in the woods on the outskirts of one of H1Z1’s larger towns with a bow in my hands. My eyes are peeled for any wandering zombies as I make my way aimlessly though the trees, picking blackberries as I go. My head snaps up. I hear footsteps crunching in the dirt…