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Ten Tips to Dominate in Rocket League

Rocket League Tips Whether or not you’re playing Rocket League for the giggles or trying to play competitively, these ten tips will aid you on your quest for success! Don’t Take It Seriously Here’s the thing about Rocket League; its a game where you play as tiny customizable cars with ridiculous hats on that blow…

Beat Bloodborne in Style – Shadow of Yharnam

If the Shadow of Yharnam are giving you trouble, you’ve come to the right place! While this battle can seem daunting at first (3v1 and they do HOW much damage every hit??) it is actually quite simple if you follow the tutorial below. There is a general strategy of getting them all to half, but here we take a more aggressive and much more effective approach.

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Beat Bloodborne in Style – Vicar Amelia Guide

Amelia can be quite a doozey with her high damage explosions and her obnoxious healing skills that can prolong this fight indefinitely. If you’re having trouble, take a gander at our new tutorial on how to take her down, complete with attack breakdowns, items to use, and general strategy.