Time freezes for you and you alone. Your eyes glaze over with a vacant stare as you stand in place and wait six hours for night to fall. The shadows dance as the sun rolls itself below the horizon.

Coming out of your comatose state, you crouch, instantly becoming invisible to the nearby guards. Noisily breaking several dozen lockpicks, you finally jimmy loose the master lock and step inside.

“Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here!” shouts the flustered shop keeper.

“Ssshhh,” you quietly insist, gently easing a cauldron over his head. Having temporarily defeated the shopkeeper’s feeble mind, you  the shop is now a playground. Everything is yours.

You hastily cram six iron helmets into your backpack, followed by three banded iron shields. These will fetch a nice price, you snigger to yourself.

A wholly uninteresting tankard lies on the table. Accidentally, you grab it and place it safely in your pack. The extra weight is enough; your knees buckle and you slow to a crawl. Rummaging through your satchel, you find and eat three cloves of garlic. You regain full movement and simultaneously realize that garlic helps make you invisible. You jot your findings down for later.

The heist complete, you remove the cauldron and stare coolly into the lifeless eyes of the shopkeeper. “Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here!” he shouts.

Leaving him in his now-barren storehouse, you step outside into the market and see the lovely red headed stall saleswoman. She would walk to the ends of the earth for you simply because you handed her the tusk of a mammoth. She thinks you killed it with your bare hands, but in your heart you know that you found it in that one poacher’s den.

Suddenly, a roar echoes across the valley, and behold! A mighty dragon soars over the mountain peaks…flying backwards in an impossible trajectory.

You just now realize that you’ve been walking around naked, and you pause time to dig your armor out of your pack…

Welcome to PixxelPress! We’re a collaboration of a few passionate individuals, each with our own voices and ideas. We’ve started this blog as an outlet for our creativity, and our deep love of video games and game culture. We are here to write and produce entertaining and personal game broadcasts and criticism. Think one-part Rooster Teeth, one-part The Atlantic Monthly. Something like The Rooster Monthly. Say, that’s actually quite a name…

We’re creating a project with personal meaning.. We sincerely hope that you, our readers, enjoy the pieces we write, broadcast, and film. However, we must establish a common understanding: We aren’t here to regurgitate the news and rumors on the biggest games; if you’re searching for featurettes on the newest Rockstar open-world 10/10 game, or the rumored specs of the XBOX 2INFINITY and PS13, search on. We’re selfish bastards, and we know it. So give us a wink and a nod and we’ll carry on just fine!

PixxelPress is a labor of love, not of business. We aren’t looking to make money, and we aren’t striving for fame. If we can make even just one reader smile; just one person who stops and nods and says to themselves “hmmm, I never thought about it that way,” then we’ll be satisfied. Hell, if we can make ourselves do that, then we’ll have a had a successful day!

The journey is just beginning: it’s a long road ahead, that will surely be filled with bumps, ruts and random encounters. Still, it should be an exciting trip, so buckle down, grab your bow, axe, and a plate of hot wings, and join us for some fun. It’s going to be one hell of ride!

The PixxelPress Team,

Bolton, Jon, Sequoya, Bobby and Ben


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